If you need flexible size Steadicam at affordable rates Chilli Cheeze Hire is the right choice for you. Chilli Cheeze Hire camera Rental Company has latest Steadicam at affordable rates as per your needs. Steadicams we offer are

·    Steadicam Zephyr

·    Steadicam MERLIN 2

·    Steadicam RIG With operator

·    Steadicam arm/Vest/Sled

We offer all Steadicams with operators at low rates than market. The optional accessories with these Steadicams include HD monitor and accredited operators.

Our Steadicam arm/Vest/Sled is a complete package which is suitable for both small and big production houses. This stabiliser system includes dual swing arm, vest along with chest plate and four clip harness. It also offer Carbon fiber sled along with sleigh and base plate. It will enable you to take smooth and floating shots by bearing camera weight up to 8 Kg.

Out Steadicams provide quality filming for Red Epic cameras being heaviest cameras. It enables cameramen to have a balanced and stable filming experience with heavy weight cameras. The main features of our Steadicam arm/Vest/Sled include

·    Support up to 8 Kg

·    Four clip harness system

·    Flexible and adjustable knobs on arm

·    Padded case for camera carriage

·    Adjustable chest plate

·    CNC machined aluminium

Steadicam Zephyr camera stabilizer have ability to support camera weight up to 11 Kg. This professional camera rig enable provide dynamic adjustment and inertial control for quality shooting. With solid metal shoulder fastener, solid front spar and yoke, camera man can carry heavy cameras in low modes. It is based on 2-stage design for easy storage and transportation. The main features of Steadicam Zephyr are

·    HD Version HD-SDI Monitor

·    Payload – 11 kg (24 lb) for the complete camera rig, e.g. an epic with a prime lens or a short zoom.

·    Camera Mounting Chassis/Removable Sled

·    Docking Bracket / Dovetail Plate

·    Power: 12 volts

·    Cases/ Weight: 1 Flight Case

·    Adjustable Iso-elastic Arm/Standard Vest

·    Dual-axis Vernier Adjustable Stage

·    Telescoping Center post

·    Knurled Gimbal Handle

Chilli Cheeze Hire camera Rental Company offers wide range of media and filming instruments with operators at desirable rates. We also have expert staff to fulfil needs of our worthy customers. Our wide variety of Steadicam enable production houses to hold Sony Fs7RED Epic, and Blackmagic Cinema Cameras through Gear factory.

We offer dry hire without operator as well as operator hire of Steadicams. We have expertise to assist inexperienced clients who are new in media industry. Chilli Cheeze Hire camera Rental Company is the suitable choice for experienced and inexperienced production houses.